Crisis in South Sudan

Oxfam is currently supporting people affected by the conflict with clean water, sanitation and emergency food aid. You can help save lives.

Emergency food crisis

The world is standing on the brink of an unprecedented four famines. We need to raise awareness and help those suffering from extreme hunger.
Bruno Bierrenbach Feder/Oxfam

Legislative Wins, Broken Promises

This multi-country research report examines the problem of implementation gaps – government failures to fulfill their legislative obligations to address and prevent violence against women and girls.
Legislative Wins Broken Promises Gaps in Implementation of Laws on Violence against Women and Girls. Rajendra Shaw / Oxfam


Will Minister Morneau put on his feminist shoes ahead of budget day 2017?    ... more
Today’s announcement of 650 million over three years towards sexual and reproductive health and rights comes on the heels of Canada’s previous $20 million pledge at the She Decides conference in Brussels a week ago. The conference brought together heads of state from around the world to address the    ... more
Despite noble intentions and some important steps in the right direction, the bold feminist rhetoric from the current Liberal government has not yet translated into meaningful policy and spending decisions, says a new scorecard and report from Oxfam Canada.    ... more



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Photo: Stella Madete / Oxfam
Many of those who have found refuge in Nyal, including women and children must regularly walk long distances alone in search of aid and food.     ... more
    ... more
Oxfam Canada Executive Director Julie Delahanty with Sukeina, an oxfam beneficiary in Morocco.
Oxfam is working with partner associations in the region to support the women’s claims for their rights to decent working conditions.     ... more